Knemeyers...Knemeyers Tavern...Knemeyers Saloon...

Kneymeyers Bar & Grill...Knemeyers Eatery & Spirits's STILL...Knemeyers!


Our History...


OC Knemeyer, a Waterville merchant, contracted with EP Fuller to construct this building in 1914.  The building was to be attached to the outside wall of the Waterville of Waterville Merchantile, which was built in 1905.  The building was initially constructed to house the Waterville Post Office and Frank & Frank Billiard Hall.  The building was completed in 60 days!  You can still see the advertisement for "Bull Durham Tobacco" which was the outside wall of the Mercantile and  uncovered by Ken & Jode fondly referred to as the "Brick Room".


Knemeyers has had very few owners since it's construction in 1914.  First, of course was OC Knemeyer, who owned the buisness from 1914 to 1966.  Bud and Dorothy Adler, who still visit Knemeyers, from 1966-1972.  Phil & Lola Shelley shortyly after, then Ken & Jode Allison until 2015.  In 2015, two sisters....Candy Jones and Casey Smith, decided that they needed a change from their lifelong career in healthcare and bought and keeping with tradition kept the Knemeyer name.


In 2015, Candy & Casey decided that they wanted to 'bring it back' to their interpretation of what Knemeyers may have been like, as a restaurant/bar, in the early 1900's.  They were able to keep and display many pictures from early Waterville days as a tribute to those who worked hard to make Waterville the thriving town it once was....and hopefully will be again!




In 1893, the Waterville School Building & District was established.


"Teacher Rules of Conduct"


...Must NOT marry

...Must not keep company with men

...Unless a school function, must be home between the hours of 8 PM & 6 AM

...Must not loiter "downtown"

...May not leave city limits without permision of the Chairman of the School Board

...May not ride in a carriage or auto with a man, unless it is your father or brother

...Must not smoke cigarettes

...Must not dress in bright colors

...May not dye your hair

...MUST wear TWO petticoats

...Dresses are to be no shorter than 2 inches from the ankle. 


How times have changed....


Other  Interesting Facts:


-Waterville is 2,622 feet above sea level!

-Waterville's first well, drilled in  1883 by Stephen Boise, produced HUGE volumes of

water, which is how Waterville got it's name!

-In 1885, AT Greene, deeded and platted only 40 acres for the original townsite.

-The original "main street" was wiped out by fire and moved up a block, where

brick buildings were constructed.

-Okanogan was once the county seat.  However, there was only Walter Mann, his

tent and a log courthouse and NO water.  A common sign on 'town hall' read,

"Gone for water, be back in a week"   In 1886, Water ville became the new county

seat for Douglas County.

-EE Stowell had the first building in Waterville and it was a blacksmith shop.

-The first courthouse was built in 1889, by AT Greene and cost $3,000!

-The Douglas County Fair (known now as the NCW Fair) started in 1913.

-The first meterorite recovered in Washington state, in 1917, which entangled a combine owned

by Fred Fachnie.  It weighed  73.25 pounds and can still be seen at the

Douglas County Historical Society Museum.



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